Welcome to Kalorama Park. Kalorama Park is a 3-acre triangular park located at the intersection of Columbia Road, Kalorama Road, and 19th Street, NW, Washington, DC.

The name Kalorama, meaning "beautiful view" in Greek, comes from the 19th century estate of the same name, comprising much of the surrounding area. The estate was later subdivided into smaller parcels. The parcel on which the park is located passed through several hands, until it was acquired by the Federal government in the 1940s. In 1971, the National Park Service transferred jurisdiction (but not ownership) over the Park to the District of Columbia for recreation and related purposes. For more historical information about the park, please see the resources page.

The Fund for Kalorama Park, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1995 for the purpose of improving the facilities, land, plantings, and programs at Kalorama Park and its immediate environs. Since its incorporation, the Fund has spent nearly $100,000 to provide maintenance, trees, landscaping, and benches and to fund recreational activities in the Park. The Fund has also served to provide community input to the City's Department of Parks and Recreation with respect to its management of the park, including the provision of playground equipment and various capital improvements over the years.  The Fund has provided financial support for various youth activities such as the park basketball, soccer, and double dutch teams, and for trips to amusement parks and college tours.

Our mission statement is: Creating Beauty, Building Community
Our vision statement is: To make our park a beautiful place, a point of pride and inspiration for all

The park's recreation center is managed by Clarence Anderson and Julia Joel, from the DC Department of Parks and Recreation. The center is typically open until 9 pm weekdays and 4 pm Saturdays, but check www.dpr.dc.gov for current operating hours. The Fund with the recreation center staff schedule a multitude of programming events for children throughout the year, including a Valentine's Day party, a fall picnic, a Halloween party, and a winter holiday party. Other youth activities in the park include the Department's summer camp.

The Community Garden located in the Park, run by a separate group, is available for neighbors to use for growing vegetables and flowers. Plots are assigned by lottery each year.  Look for flyers announcing the procedure in early spring or contact kaloramagarden@gmail.com.

For a list of repair items the Fund has requested from DPR, please click here.

For a 2013 video of water runoff in the park, please click here.

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